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Image of Product Styling & Photography

Product Styling & Photography

Are you a new buisness looking to create a clean and beautiful website, in search of stunning photographic images for a print compaign or advertising, looking for a fresh style of product styling, Or are you working on creating a more consistent look for your website or social media platforms?

You are no doubt looking for an experienced product stylist.

This basic product styling & photography package will provide you with a brief online consultation to determine your needs and 4 edited images, styled two ways. You will own the rights to all images created for your brand to use as your buisness requires.

Whether you require styled still images or model/s and a fully styled set to showcase your product in sito I can design something to suit.

Basic package starts at $160 for a total of 4 images please send an enquiry so I can customise content to accommodate your requirements.

Please note:
*model fees extra
*if required, story boards and/or mood boards extra

All final edited images are submitted via email file.

You can go ahead and checkout now, you will receive exactly what has been described, alternatively you have the option to contact me and discuss your requirements first and be invoiced via email.